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Title V Inspection

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Inspections and repairs can vary in the septic world however, here we listed some of your basic repairs to the most neccesary law requiring Title 5 inspection.  Feel free to browse this section and better your knowledge of this useful information.  This is crucial if you’re buying or selling a home!

Title V Inspections

MA law requires that a septic system /cesspool be inspected whenever there is a transfer in ownership or when dictated by the local board of health. This is required to ensure that systems are structurally sound and environmentally safe. 

Septic System inspections consist of inspecting the tank when it is full and when it is empty, making sure there are no signs of leakage and that the baffle are structurally sound. Then the D-Box is inspected to make sure there is no evidence of failure in the leaching area of the system. We have a camera that can be sent down the pipes for further evaluation of the system should it be deemed necessary. 

If the septic system has a pump chamber that is also inspected to make sure it is functioning properly. 

Cesspool inspections consist of inspecting the cesspool when it is full and when it is empty to make sure there are no signs of groundwater infiltration. A cesspool should also have a structurally sound inlet baffle. 

If your home or the home you are looking to purchase has a tight tank the same Title V regulations apply.

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